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I am actually kind of bitter that we have to fucking beg and fight to get a Black Widow movie even mentioned yet Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is greenlit already with a fucking date and everything (July 28, 2017).

They made the announcement at SDCC before THIS one even dropped and that’s honestly ridiculous because as utterly fantastic GOTG is, fans have been frothing at the mouth for Black Widow for far longer and this train has only gained MORE steam after Winter Soldier.

Meanwhile, we get people (*cough*Mr. Alonso *cough*) telling us if we go out & support shit like ‘Lucy’, then MAYBE we’ll get Black Widow…

How about no, ok? You already know we want this movie. You already know women-led films sell. You already know that Scarlett as Natasha is mad bankable.

A Black Widow movie being made shouldn’t hinge on our support of that problematic, racist, faux-female empowerment movie.

If you want to claim that we have some sort of power to sway you then you would listen to our voices but you don’t. 

If we truly had some inkling of real power, you would’ve ditched Ant-Man LAST year when you heard that fans weren’t that enthused about it and you damn sure would’ve delayed or scrapped it this year because we want it even LESS now.

But you’re still going to power through it.

You already know what you want to make and you already know what you’re making so don’t string us along with that “If/Then” bullshit.

We’re not stupid so don’t treat us like we are.

We love the films but you really should just be honest with us because damn, this shit? This shit is not cool by any means.

It is like they have a plan and certain things are part of it and others aren’t.

Except they’re to stupid to realize the best plans are ones that allow you to switch directions if the situation dictates it. So you have an over arching story you want to tell. Listen to your audience, be true to them, and tell the story you both want to hear.

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