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Social spiders!

Flat Huntsman Spiders are found all over Australia where they hide under tree bark in colonies that can number up to 300 individuals.

They share any food that accidentally crawls into their lair, but each spider also goes out at night to hunt on their own. They only bring back food to share with the colony if they don’t have time to finish eating before the sun comes up.

These spiders were used a lot in the film Arachnophobia but they’re actually quite timid and unlikely to bite, and their venom is pretty much harmless.

Still, give them some time and they’ll soon be taking over the world and enslaving/eating us all! Or maybe they’ll just ignore us and occasionally break open our homes to watch us run away screaming. We’ll have to wait and see.

…Video: Snake Artist


Just when I thought I’d finally cured myself of my lifelong arachnaphobia stuff like this shows up and just AGGRAVATES it. It’s like feeling a tickle from a case of bronchitis you thought was over.

I’m going to go look at some spiders that look a little bit less like writhing demons from a pit of darkness for a while and work my way back to this later. Because man they’re super cool but they also make my chest feel funny when I look at them.




Officer shoots 62 year old woman in the back with stun gun, placed on leave

Florida police officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation after he fired a stun gun into a 62-year-old woman’s back during an arrest in a Tallahassee neighborhood, police said.

According to police, the officers were responding to recent complaints from citizens about drug deals in the neighborhood. The woman, Viola Young, approached one of the police cars parked on the narrow street to inquire about one of the people — two women and a man — who had been arrested.

The officer standing outside the squad car advised the woman to stay back. Police said that’s when Officer Terry Mahan approached Young and attempted to take her into custody.

Police said Young was medically cleared by paramedics and taken to the Leon County Jail. It wasn’t immediately known whether she has a lawyer or what she was charged with.


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